About Brio & Co.

Looking for a word that portrays the Italian spirit, I find that "brio" nicely brings to mind the passion, boldness and resourcefulness that Italians naturally shape into an iconic lifestyle and a peculiar way of doing things.

I started Brio & Co. with the aim of sampling out an area of Italian excellence: the crafting of footwear and accessories. Not just the fashion around it though, but rather the tradition of creating something by hands, the art of turning raw materials and components into a little masterpiece of quality and style.

It's not just about shoes.

Much more than clothing, shoes and accessories define a personal style and become part of one's story and journey. Each pair of shoes is also part of another story though, the story of the maker.

The mission at Brio & Co. is to handpick quality brands not ordinarily found in the shopping scene and offer you a selection of footwear and accessories as the true storytellers of a way of crafting that preserves the artisan spirit and flair.

The project lies on a few simple beliefs:

  • Great shoes don't need a big name.

We work directly with small, high-quality manufacturers, bringing you style and excellent craftsmanship without the cost of a chain of intermediaries and endless overheads.

  • Real handmade quality cannot be sold in massive stocks.

We only carry limited quantities with new additions coming in periodically. We keep an eye on seasons and trends, however we are convinced that style is a very personal matter.

  • Conscious choice is empowering.

We acknowledge the real people, the story and the passion behind every item in a continued dialogue between the maker and the final user, supporting trust, fair trade and timeless traditions.

It's really about Stories, Passion & Shoes.

With brio,

Francesca Lombardo
Brio & Co. LLC


Noun \ˈbrē-(ˌ)ō\



Quality of being active or spirited or alive and vigorous; in music, (to be performed) with liveliness or spirit, as in the phrase 'allegro con brio'

  1. Brio is another word for 'life force'
  2. great energy and confidence, enthusiastic vigor , vivacity of style or performance.